New Features & Updates for the Welcome Desk!

Since introducing the Welcome Desk this past spring, we have been listening to your feedback and working hard to add more of the functionality and features that you have asked for. 

This is just the latest update – we’ll continue to build tools into this page to make all “front desk tasks” simple and quick.

Click here to see the list of updates & features from our previous Welcome Desk release!


What's New?

  • Print the Class Roster - Easily view & print the student roster for a class right from the Welcome Desk. Just click the 'Print' button at the top of the page and it will generate a printer friendly version of your roster.
  • Alerts  – Based on your feedback, we improved the look & feel of the alerts area so it would be easier to view & resolve blocking alerts. Click on the triangular alert icon to get a clickable drop down menu that lists the blocking alerts.
  • More Flexibility for Member Registration – Now, when registering a member for a class, you will be able see and use any of their current memberships to make a reservation or mark them as attended, even if that membership isn't enrolled in that class.
  • Simplified the Reservation & Waitlist Area  – We removed the text that made this area feel cluttered and crowded and replaced it with intuitive icons to show when people are reserved and waitlisted.
  • Removed Extra Links from the Person Info Area – We heard your feedback about the person info area being a bit confusing and removed the links that led to the profile overview. Now there is a single clickable link to take you to the member's profile page to view their full info & make updates.
  • Recurring Reservations are Back! – Everybody missed recurring reservations, so we are super pumped to finally be able to add them to the Welcome Desk. They have the same functionality, so no new workflows to learn.


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