Export your Member Data from Wodify

Exporting Athletes

  • Click on the down arrow to the right of Reporting in the left hand menu

  • Click on Athletes

  • You will want to export the following reports:

    • Athletes Home Map
    • Athletes With Upcoming Birthdays
    • Athletes By Payment Plan
    • Memberships with Discounts
    • Athletes with Memberships On Hold
  • Click View to the right of the reports

  • Choose whether you’d like to export ONLY active athletes, or everyone in your database

  • Click the Export icon


Exporting Skills

****Once you export these files, it will mark your cutover date to start using Zen Planner Workout tracking to track your member’s workouts. We recommend completing your skill exports last so the transfer runs smoothly and you aren’t having to pull additional reports at a later date.****

  • Click on the down arrow to the right of Reporting in the left hand menu

  • Click on Performance Results

  • Click into the category you’d like to export from

  • Choose the component you’d like to export from the drop down on the left

  • Be sure to select the time frame you’d like to export on the right

  • After the report loads, click the Export button

  • Since you have to export each component separately, you may want to download all of your Athletes PRs

  • From the Performance Results, choose Performance Results:PRs

  • This report may be large and will be emailed to you if so

  • Please send us this report once you receive it and we will reformat the data for you.

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