Creating your Own Document Templates

Your Zen Planner database includes a lot of pre-made email templates that work for most businesses, but you will eventually want to begin designing your own.

Navigate to Setup>Communication>Document Templates to get started.

To create your new template, click the 'Add a Template' button at the top of the screen.


Next, you will see a popup menu where you will setup the type of template you are creating.


Here is an explanation of each section:

#1 - Choose Report Type - This setting determines what kind of automations you can associate with this template, and which kind of dashboard reports you will be able to access & send this template from. The broadest report type to use would be 'People', you will be able to send this template from any filter on the People icon. If you are planning on using this template with an automation, make sure that the report types are the same for both. For example, you can't link a 'People' type template to a 'Membership' type automation, both have to be built on the same report type.

#2 - Choose the Format - The most common setting is 'Email Message', but you will see a number of other options. Please keep in mind, 'SMS Text Message' is currently only available in the United States.

#3 - Organize Template Within Your Library - Give your new template a name, then put it in a category. In the Category drop down you will see all of the current categories, but you can create a new one by scrolling to the bottom and selecting 'Add Another Item'.


Click on 'Save & Edit Content' and you will be taken to your new, blank template.

Add in your subject line & type your message in the content box.

The delivery fields will automatically be customized to go to the member, coming from the business email.

If you want to include data tags in your message so it will appear customized to each of the recipients, click on the 'Tag' bay to access a drop down menu of available tags

To insert a logo, or other type of picture, click on the image icon to search your device for a picture to upload.

When you're finished, click on Save Changes to save your work.  

How to Automate your Email

Once you have edited your template you can choose to automate it.  To activate it as an automation, scroll to the top of the template and click on the Edit Properties link.  From here, you can click on the Automations tab to edit any automations the template may already be associated with, attach it to a premade automation or create a new automation altogether. 


Send Your Template as a Manual Message (Mass Email)

Depending on the report type that you based your template on, you will be able to access it from various reports and areas of a member's profile. For more info on sending out manual communications, click here.


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