Importing Your Own People

How do I format my import file?

Once you have your export file, open the file in Excel and update the file so it will correctly upload your information into Zen Planner. This usually requires updating the column headings of your export file to map the data from your file into the correct field in Zen Planner. Below are two examples of a sample data file, before and after the column headings have been updated with the correct formatting.

You will find the people import template Excel sheet at the bottom of this article.  You can download it and use it  as a guide for formatting your exported file correctly.

When you're finished making changes, save your updated file in Text (Tab delimited) format, as displayed in the example below.


How do I upload my import file?

Go to Setup > Database Tools > Data Import > People and follow the on-screen instructions to upload your text file and preview your file. You'll see the first four people in your text file displayed below the Upload and Preview button.

Make sure the data is populating the database fields correctly, i.e. the FirstName field really displays the first names of the first four people in your file. If everything looks good, click on the Import Data Now button to begin importing your file.

Note: If you have a file that contains more than 500 people, you might want to break the file up into smaller increments of 500 so the process won't time out while trying to complete the import.

How do I check my people records?

When the import is complete, you'll see a confirmation screen with the total number of successes and failures. You can also click on a report to see a list of all the people you imported today.

If you receive any error messages, contact Zen Planner Support and send a screenshot of your error message to help us review what could be causing the error in the import file.

Phone:  866-541-3570, Monday-Friday (7a-7p mountain time)

Email: or


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