Release Announcement - September 9, 2016

Check out this week's release notes!

We squashed some bugs to create a better experience for you and your students.  



  • Updated the language on the 'one-time password' pop up menu in studio to clarify that a one-time password can only be used by a member to login to Member Connect. This function is not available on the Kiosk iPad App or the Member App.
  • Fixed the issue where the Member Connect banner image was not appearing as centered.
  • Fixed the intermittent issue where Summary Totals at the bottom of reports were not populating with the correct punctuation for some business locations outside of the United States.
  • Fixed the issue where when viewing a a retail product with a single purchase option on member connect, the "default" dropdown would incorrectly show "Use Multiple Options".
  • Updated the toolbar options in the document template editor to remove the 'Media' button which no longer functioned.
  • Updated the language in the pop-up alert that triggers for appointment times in the future that cannot yet be booked because of staff set reservation time constraints to say 'Unable to book this time due to a conflict' instead of 'You cannot book a time in the past'.
  • Fixed the issue where you were not able to remove a person after searching and leave the 'Person' field blank when adding an appointment to the studio calendar.
  • Fixed the issue where the 'Take me There' button in a staff task would break and produce a 'Person Missing' error if a task was re-saved with new info. 
  • Fixed the issues with how digital signature and uploaded documents can be accessed on a member's profile. Now you will only see the option to download documents from the 'Action' menu in the bottom left hand corner of the member's profile. When viewing the 'Communication & Status' page on a profile, you will see the appropriate options in the dropdown menu next to each document type; uploaded documents can only be downloaded or removed, digital signature docs can be viewed, emailed or downloaded. 
  • Fixed the issue where in the Group Console for users with multiple databases, the 'Memberships With AutoPay ON' report was displaying incorrectly.
  • Fixed the issue where when creating an event in the studio calendar, clicking the 'multiple' link to create a multi-day event would reset previously filled fields to blank. We removed that link and moved the single schedule/multi-day functionality to the 'Schedule' tab.
  • Fixed the issue where in the Group Console for users with multiple databases, you weren't able to exit out of the "Edit Report Settings" pop up.
  • Fixed the issue where when submitting a refund on a bill where a return fee has been added, the bill generated for the return fee would not populate the correct amount.
  • Fixed the issue where an event that was set to be public (visible on Member Connect), but only allowed registration for existing members, was not appearing on the Member Connect sign up page when viewed by non-members.
  • Fixed the issue where when clicking on the retention summary report graph on the studio dashboard, the correct associated report details were not displaying.
  • Fixed the issue where when viewing a Gross Sales Revenue report (Bills show payments type report), you were unable to consistently show taxed items and have the items that were taxed say "yes" in the "Bill Taxable" column.
  • Fixed the issue where when viewing the studio calendar in list view, you were not able to sort by instructor and have the list only show the staff that were selected.
  • Fixed the issue where when filtering the studio calendar by location, displaying the calendar in list view would ignore the location filter and show results for all locations.
  • Fixed the issue where you weren't able to successfully embed a video into the body of a custom page. 



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