Zen Planner's New Staff App for Tablets

We’re excited to announce the NEW Staff App for iPad & Android tablets!

We brought together the most used features of the studio Welcome Desk and the convenience of the downloadable phone Staff App into a fantastic tablet app to help you & your staff get the most out of Zen Planner.



How to Download

iPad - Go to the iTunes store on your iPad and search for 'Zen Planner staff app'

Android Tablets - Go to the Google Play store on your android tablet and search for 'Zen Planner staff app'


What's New?

Quickly Check Members Into Classes & Appointments – You can choose between the familiar Welcome Desk type interface, or the simpler visual check-in screen. Just click the the grid/list icon in the upper right hand corner to quickly toggle between the two views.




Welcome Desk View Features – Just like the Welcome Desk in studio, we’ve brought the most important information about your members to the surface for easy viewing by staff during check-in. This includes basic profile info and blocking alerts, see which members have memberships that will expire soon, and how many days since each member has attended class. This information helps you engage with members that need to renew or are in danger of leaving.



Visual Check-In View Features – A simple, profile picture driven interface that lets you tap people to check them into a class or a reserved appointment. You can easily see who has already been checked in, who's reserved and who has blocking alerts. Just like the phone Staff App, you can quickly resolve blocking alerts, or update basic profile info for a member.



Calendar/Jump to Day – Use the calendar icon in the upper right left corner to quickly navigate to the day you want to view.



Filter Calendar By Staff Member – Click the filter icon in the upper left hand corner to choose between viewing the whole calendar, or just the classes & appointments that the logged in staff member is attached to.




View Class & Appointment Details – Click the cog icon in the upper right hand corner to view the details for a class or appointment, including any staff notes. Click the 'X' to hide the details.




Staff Members Can Add Login's to Multiple Zen Planner Databases - If you are a staff member at multiple businesses that use Zen Planner, and you take your own tablet with you to those locations, you can add in your login for each location to make switching between them quick & easy. Click the 'More' link in the bottom right hand corner to view your current locations and to add additional ones.



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