{QUICK TIP} Renew COMPLETED Memberships in a Batch

Follow these instructions to renew COMPLETED memberships in a batch


1) Click on Dashboard>  Onboarding Resources

2) Select MEMBERSHIPS Manually Renew to Current Status




*****If the report does not come back with any results, your members are all CURRENT, no need to proceed to the next steps*****


3) This will then populate a list of individuals who are no longer listed as ACTIVE members.


4) To renew their membership so they appear as ACTIVE, please click the (+) button under the Choose Template option to select all or manually select those you would like to update to CURRENT.


5) Once checked, click the Renew Button above.




6) Check the Box YES. Renew the selected memberships.



7) Save Changes


***** If you have members that are on a Month-to Month, this is only going to renew them to the next month in their membership cycle. If you need to renew them up to current. Repeat the above steps starting at number 4) to make sure your students have all been updated to CURRENT *****


8) You can then proceed to reconcile any past bills by following the steps in this article: Reconcile Multiple Bills at Once Using a Batch Update






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