New Features & Updates for the Welcome Desk!

Since introducing the Welcome Desk this past spring, we have been listening to your feedback and working hard to add more of the functionality and features that you have asked for. 

We are happy to announce, that with our latest Welcome Desk release, we are finally going to be able to retire the old roster page! The old roster page will be retired the week of October 3rd, 2016.

Now you can find all of the functionality you relied on with the old roster page in the new full featured Welcome Desk.

Take a look below for the latest updates to the Welcome Desk.

Click here to see the list of updates & features from our previous Welcome Desk release!


What's New?

  • Log Results for Programmed Skills - Click the 'Log Results' button and you will see everyone who has been checked into the class with the programmed skills beside their name where you can log results.
  • Responsive Presentation for Size of ScreenNow when you reduce the size of the browser window you are working in, you will find that the design of Welcome Desk responds in kind. This will be especially noticeable when reducing the browser window to be smaller than a standard tablet screen.     
  • Retain the Sort Order for an Individual Class – When you set the sort order to be either 'Show All' or 'Show Eligible' for an individual class, the system will remember that choice if you leave the class and return to it later.
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