Release Announcement - October 28, 2016

Check out this week's release notes!

We added a new feature and squashed some bugs to create a better experience for you and your students. 



  • Added account & currency support for customers in Gibraltar.




  • Fixed the issue where the Daily Leaderboard was visible even when the setting for "Daily Leaderboard Visible?" was set to 'No' in Display Options.
  • Fixed the issue where profile alerts containing text using apostrophes, would appear without the apostrophes when saved.
  • Fixed the issue where a system error would occur when editing a pay period in pay rates.
  • Fixed the issue where members could only add new profiles to their family account on the member connect website when they also had the privilege to update existing family profiles.
  • Fixed the issue where an attendance type report would report 'Unlimited Attendance' memberships as 'Limited Attendance' in the membership description column.
  • Fixed the issue where when paying multiple bills with a single payment, the payment detail screen was not listing the bills being paid in order by due date or bill number.
  • Fixed the issue where events that were closed for registration were not displaying that information on the main page for the event on member connect.
  • Fixed the issue where you were not able to able to use special characters including the & and # symbols when creating an online discount code.
  • Fixed the issue where the staff lockout duration after 5 failed password entry attempts on the kiosk iPad app was longer than the stated 30 minutes.


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