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Although integrating payment processing is the most efficient and profitable way for you to set up your Zen Planner database, it isn't always an option. You may live in a region of the world where we don't currently have a strategic payment processing partner, or you may be just starting out with a handful of clients and want to continue managing transactions with cash & paper checks. Whatever the reason, you can still manage payments through your Zen Planner database and generate reliable financial reports.


Set Up Payment Types

Click here to go to Setup>Database Tools>Lookup Codes>Payment Type to customize they types of offline payments you accept (Cash, Check, Square, Stripe, etc). You will need to do this if you want to keep track of the method people are using to pay you, not just marking bills as paid. 



Customize Your Dashboard Financial Reports

Click here to go to Dashboard>Customize to make sure you have two reports in your Financial section to help you keep track of current bills due & past due bills. Click on the 'Financial' tab on the customize menu, then make sure that you have the following two reports checked off:

  • Due Now (0-14 Days)
  • Past Due (Total)

You can use these reports to quickly access current & overdue bills when members arrive to pay; and to quickly send emails to members regarding their bills. 

Click here for more info on sending mass emails.

You can create your own templates to use when sending emails from these reports so you aren't re-typing the same messages over & over again.

Click here for more info on creating your own templates.


RECOMMENDED - Running an Offline Payment With Transaction Details 

Running each transaction individually when a payment is physically received will allow you to track important details (staff member who accepted the payment, payment method, notes/description). 

  • Navigate to the member's profile, and in the bottom left hand corner click on the 'Actions' button.
  • From the 'Actions' menu, select 'Make Payment'

  • Select the bill(s) you need to pay.
  • Enter the details of the transaction in the 'Payment Method' section.


  • Click the 'Make a Payment' button to process the offline payment.



Marking Bills as Paid With No Transaction Details 

This method will allow you to take care of quickly marking multiple bills as paid in a batch, but you will not be able to see which staff member physically received each payment, what payment method was used, or to enter any additional details about the transaction.

It is not recommended that you use this as an ongoing method of processing offline transactions because of the lack of detail these transactions will have. This method should only be used if you only want to see gross transaction totals and will not need to utilize actual transaction records to verify individual members' payment history, or to hold staff accountable for payment errors/irregularities.

  • Go to one of the Dashboard financial reports you are using to track bills 
    • Due Now (0-14 Days)
    • Past Due (Total)
  • Select the bills you wish to mark as paid.


  • Click on 'Batch Update'
  • Click on the 'Mark Paid' tab


  • Click next to the appropriate way to record the batch payment (paid as of today; paid as of due date)




If you need any additional help setting setting up offline processing, you can reach out to the customer success team.

Zen Planner Support
Call:  866-541-3570 (M-F, 7a-7p US mountain time)





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