Setting Up Payment Processing for Existing Ezidebit Customers

#1 - Budgeting Your Time

Ezidebit does not have the ability to export CREDIT CARD information for your existing paying members. Ezidebit WILL be able to send Zen Planner a file of bank account info for your clients set up to use a bank acct for direct debit. 

Credit card data for active members will have to be manually re-entered by your staff or by your members, or ideally both to save time. Keep in mind the more paying members you have, the longer this will take.

If you have fewer than 100 paying members using a credit card we recommend budgeting a minimum of 2 weeks between the time you begin building out your database and the day you will be able to activate Ezidebit in your database and begin processing credit card transactions for existing members.

If you have more than 100 paying members using a credit card you should budget a minimum of 3 weeks. Again, the more paying members, the longer it will take.


Please Note: If you have a more complicated build out, or are having difficulty getting active members to provide their credit card info, the above times may not be realistic for your situation. Your onboarding coach will work with you to determine a reasonable timeline to get up & running based on your specific business needs.


#2 - Notify Ezidebit To Begin the Process

Reach out to Ezidebit and let them know that you will be migrating billing to your new Zen Planner database. This will start the ball rolling on their side and they will send you a detailed next steps email to follow and ask you to pick a cutover date for billing.

Once Ezidebit is notified of your plans to migrated they will also make arrangements to send over any current member bank account info to Zen Planner for upload.

Picking Your Cutover Date

We recommend that you choose a weekday where you have no transactions scheduled, or are processing the fewest number of transactions.

Please Note: The cutover day that you give Ezidebit is a hard cutover date. This means that Ezidebit will cut off access to billing directly through them, and access to saved payment account info on that date. You must have everything set up & ready to go in Zen Planner on that day to avoid delays in processing and receiving your funds.


#3 - Import Active Member Profiles (People Import)

It is crucial that you create profiles for all of your active members (people that you are actively billing) as soon as possible so you can begin manually collecting payment account info.

If you have over 50 active members, work with your onboarding coach to start the process of importing basic info for these people. At a minimum, you will need to have first & last names and a good email address for these people. 

Having email addresses for your active members will allow you to issue them passwords so they can help you out by logging into their new Zen Planner profile, and entering their own payment account info.  


#4 - Import Memberships For Your Active Members (Membership Import)

You can add memberships to your active members manually, or by using an import file. If you have more than 50 active members, importing their memberships may be the more efficient solution. Reach out to your onboarding coach to see which process will be best for your business set up.


#5 - Manually Entering Payment Account Info

You can have your staff manually enter payment accounts onto member profiles, you can issue passwords and have your members enter their own payment account info, or if you are in a hurry to get up & running, you can do both to save time.


Click here to learn how staff members can manually add a payment account to a profile


Click here for more info on asking your members to enter their own payment accounts

To keep track of members entering their own payment account info, turn on the 'Account Info Updated on Member Website' automation.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the automation menu, and check off the 'Activate' box to turn it on and begin receiving notifications at the school email address.


#6 - Turning on Autopay & Final Steps

Once a member has a payment account on their profile, and their membership & bills are up to date as of the cutover date, you can turn on automatic payments for their membership.

Turning on autopay for your members:

#1 - Click here to go to Dashboard> Saved Reports> Onboarding Resources> Memberships with Autopay Available.

#2 - Click on the name of a member from the list and it will take you directly over to their membership. 

#3 - Click on the 'OFF' link next to Auto Payments along the right-hand side, beneath the 'Billing' section.

#4 - In this popup menu you will see the option to select the member's saved payment account and turn on automatic payments for that membership.

#5 - After you activate automatic payments for that membership, that record will fall off of the 'Memberships with Autopay Eligible' report. Activate autopay, then move on to the next member on the report.


Cutover Date

On your cutover date, Ezidebit will automatically cease running any payments directly and you will only be able to process payments through Zen Planner.

That day, you should log into Zen Planner and spot check any payments that were scheduled to run with autopay to make sure that everything is as you expected. The easiest way to do this is with the 'Payments (Last 30 Days)' report on your Zen Planner dashboard.

Click here to view the 'Payments (Last 30 Days)' report


If you see any payment issues or have any other questions, please reach out to Zen Planner right away:

Phone: 866-541-3570







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