Importing Your Own Skill Results

Formatting Your Data for Import

Once you have your data exported, you can open that spreadsheet file in Excel so you can begin editing and reformatting the data to be imported into Zen Planner.  It's necessary to review & reformat your data using the Results History Import Template that is attached to the bottom of this article to ensure that your data will correctly upload into your database. This usually requires updating the column headings of your export file to map the data from your file into the correct field in Zen Planner, but may also include changing the format of some data (like numbers, dates and some text fields). 

Here are a few tips & tricks for formatting your data to help save you time.

  • The FirstName, LastName and FullName Fields - You will want to choose to use EITHER the FirstName and LastName fields OR just use the FullName field.  If your export file presents names in a combined "full name" type field, you should save some time and use the FullName field in your import file.  If the opposite is true, and your export file already has first name and last name in separate fields, use the FirstName & LastName fields instead.  
  • The SetsXReps and SetsXRepsWeight Fields - SetsXReps should be used to import results measured in weight ONLY.  The SetsXRepsWeight column should be used if your export file has results where the SetsXReps and the skill result are recorded in the same field.

After you finish formatting your data, save your updated file in Text (Tab delimited) format, as displayed in the example below.



Importing your own Skill Results Data

Go to Setup > Database Tools > Data Import > Skill Results and follow the on-screen instructions to upload your text file and preview it.  You'll see the first four records in your file displayed below the Upload and Preview button.



Make sure the data is populating the fields correctly, e.g. the name fields really display the names of the first four people in your file.  If everything looks good, click on the Import Data Now button at the bottom of the screen to begin importing your file.

Note: If you have a file that contains more than 50 people, you might want to break the file up into increments of 50 records max so the import won't fail due to database timeout issues. 

While the system is processing your import you will see a progress bar, and finally a confirmation screen when it is complete.

Check your Work

On the import confirmation screen, you'll see the total number of successes and failures. 


If there are any failures, click the link next to the prompt "To download a file of records that need to be corrected..."  and the system will automatically download this data in a .TXT file for your use.  This file will help you identify any issues you may not have caught during the formatting process.  Just correct the issues in that file, doublecheck the formatting, then import that file.

If you continue to have data import failures or receive any system error messages, contact the Customer Advocates to get additional help.

Phone:  866-541-3570, Monday-Friday (7a-7p mountain time)


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