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Onboarding Coaches

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The Workout Results import template is attached to this article for you to download and send to your client.




  • Member data must be imported (profile info & memberships)
  • All skills & workouts you plan on importing results for must be built out in Zen Planner

If you have not completed the above work, please speak with your onboarding coach about the next steps to complete these required tasks.


Exporting Workout Results

Please follow the directions provided by your current software to export the workout result data you want to import into your new ZP database. Zen Planner cannot troubleshoot issues with exporting data from your old software, please reach out to their customer support for help if needed.

Zen Planner can import the following type of data for your workout results. Consider this list when you are doing your exports:

  • Date the result was recorded
  • Sets X Reps and Weight
  • Result Value
  • Whether it was RX'd
  • Whether the result should be made public
  • Any notes that were made about the result 

PLEASE NOTE: We don’t recommend exporting all of your results because it is usually extremely time-consuming for you to export them and for us to assist you with importing them into Zen Planner.  Your athletes will get the most value out of their PRs since those are the movements and workouts that they compare over time to gauge their overall progress.

IMPORTANT: Once you export these files, it will mark your cutover date to start using Zen Planner Workout tracking to track your member’s workouts. We recommend completing your workout result exports last so the transfer runs smoothly and you aren’t having to pull additional reports at a later date.


Formatting your Workout Results Data for Import

You must review & reformat your data using the Workout Results import template you have been provided by your onboarding coach. This usually requires updating the column headings of your exported data file to map the data from your file into the correct field in Zen Planner, but may also include changing the format of some data (like numbers, dates and some text fields).

Here are a few tips & tricks for formatting your data to help save you time.

  • The FirstName, LastName and FullName Fields - You will want to choose to use EITHER the FirstName and LastName fields OR just use the FullName field.  If your export file presents names in a combined "full name" type field, you should save some time and use the FullName field in your import file.  If the opposite is true, and your export file already has the first name and last name in separate fields, use the FirstName & LastName fields instead.
  • The SetsXReps and SetsXRepsWeight Fields - SetsXReps should be used to import results measured in weight ONLY.  The SetsXRepsWeight column should be used if your export file has results where the SetsXReps and the skill result are recorded in the same field.


Uploading your File to Zen Planner

After you finish formatting your data, rename the file with your business name and the words “workout results import” in its title. Send the saved file to your onboarding coach at, subject line: ATTN: <Your Coach’s Name>

If you are no longer working with an onboarding coach, please reach out to the support team and they will put you in touch with a coach to complete your import.

Phone:  866-541-3570, Monday-Friday (7a-7p mountain time)

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