Release Announcement - November 11, 2016

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We made some updates to the member app and squashed some bugs to create a better experience for you and your students.   


We made some enhancements to the member app to improve overall stability and to provide better alerts when their device is experiencing connectivity issues that impact the app.



  • Fixed the issue where digital signature documents that included the 'Gender' field/data tag, would default to 'Male' even when a different value had been entered in that field on the member's profile.
  • Fixed the issue where people were being blocked from using the 'Free Trial' function to register for a class, even when they had not yet used their 'Free Trial' attendance.
  • Fixed the issue where a person with an existing profile in your database, that was registering for a free trial class that was set up to automatically drop them into a specific group, would not be dropped into that group.
  • Fixed the issue where people signing up on the iPad Kiosk App were being sent an email with temporary login credentials, even though they had already set up their password on the kiosk.
  • Fixed the issue where exporting a report in Firefox as a .csv file was causing the browser to convert it to .txt file.
  • Fixed the issue where when running a 'Notes History' type report, you weren't able to refresh the report after updating the criteria.
  • Fixed the issue where when creating a Custom Page, you would see the ability to set a location under the 'Sidebar' options, even though Custom Pages are only visible on the desktop version of Member Connect.
  • Fixed the issue where Zen Planner customers in Australia were not able to enter & save the postal code for their Zen Planner billing account. 


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