Zen Planner 'Go Live' Checklist

If your database is all set up, you are probably wondering 'Am I ready to go live?'

Here is a checklist of some basic functions to review before introducing Zen Planner to your members and the world. 


1.) Are all of your members in the system with active memberships? In your database go to People>Students to review.


2.) Do you know how you will be signing up new members?


3.) Is autopay turned on for the student's memberships that should have it on? How to Activate AutoPay. Review this list of members who DON’T have payment account info on their profile: AutoPay Missing


4.) Have you reconciled old bills? Reconcile Multiple Bills at Once


5.) Have you run a test payment through Zen Planner? Test My Payment Gateway


6.) Do you know how you are going to take attendance? Attendance Tracking


7.) Have you 'played' with all the Zen Planner apps? Download and try them out; give yourself a membership so you can log in and see what your members will see.


8.) Have you given privileges / granted access to your staff members? Go to Setup>Staff>Staff Members to review.  Creation & Management of Staff Profiles


9.) Have you given privileges / granted access to your members? Go to Setup>Member Connect>Member Privileges>Automatic Access to review.  How to Send Members Passwords


10.) Are your digital documents edited and activated? Go to Setup>Registration>Signatures to review.  Using Zen Planner’s Waivers/Contracts 


11.) Are the automations you want to use activated? Go to Setup>Communications>Automations to review.  Setting up Automations


12.) Have you finished embedding Zen Planner on your website and/or Facebook page?  


Please keep in mind; every business is different, so this list isn't intended to cover every situation or setup.

If you have specific concerns that aren't addressed here, reach out to us for help!




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