Programming Open Workouts in Zen Planner

The Open is a crazy time of year for gym owners and coaches. You rally your members to participate, ensure your staff passes the judging course and program workouts to help athletes “be prepared” for the Open. You train, you coach, you schedule Open Events.

This is on top of all the other stuff you do to make a difference in the lives of your athletes.  

At Zen Planner, we recognize that you have a lot to do – especially during this time of year. Let us be your resource for correct and consistent Open Programming, so you can focus your efforts on providing the best Open experience possible for your athletes. allow your members to log their scores.

How We Help:

1. Easy Open Programming:

Every Thursday after the Workout is announced, our team will quickly load every variation of the Open Workout (each division in both RX and scaled variations) into your database for you to copy over and load in your workout tracker.

2. Easy Score Logging for Your Members:

While we continue to support you during The Open, continue to encourage your athletes to download and log scores in The Member App! This will increase engagement for your athletes, allow them to track progress over time and enable them to encourage other athletes (which could win you discounts on your Zen Planner services!) which will ultimately strengthen your community.



How to Add Open Workouts
to Your Workout Tracker:

Once you’re ready to make The Open workouts available to your athletes through the App, follow these simple steps.

  • Access the Pre-Made Library

In studio, go to Workouts >Measures> Choose from Pre-Made


  • Select Category: CrossFit Open WODs


  • Copy to your library.

Be careful to only copy over the measures you wish to add. If you already have an Open workout in your library, by coping it again, you will create a duplicate.


  • Build a Workout

If you are new to Workout Tracking in Zen Planner, check out our Workout Tracking resource library that provides everything necessary to quickly get you up to speed.


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