You Can Now Process Retail Items in the Staff App!

In this article, we will introduce retail sales for both an existing person in your Zen Planner and a guest person through the Staff App. 


Your retail store will need to be configured before you will be able to sell items through the Staff App. 
For information about Retail Store Setup, click here.
For a video showcasing Retail Store in Staff App, click here.


  • In your Zen Planner Staff App, tap the Z on the bottom. Tap Retail Purchase.


  • Your retail store will populate. A few things to note. 

* In order for a product to appear on the Staff App, it needs to "Show Staff." These settings can be configured in Studio in your Retail Store. Retail > Product Catalogue > Select the Product > "Show" Check the boxes next to where and for whom this should appear.

* If you do not track inventory in Zen Planner and you show this product on the Kiosk or Staff Apps, these items can always be sold. If you do track inventory in Zen Planner and you run out of inventory, the Kiosk and Staff Apps will display the item in the retail screen but will not allow the sale of the item because it is "Out of Stock."

* Be sure to utilize the new description box in the product catalogue for simple selling!



  • Once an item is selected, you may adjust the quantity level or variety of the item in the next screen.


  • The "Shopping Cart" will automatically populate. When you are ready to, tap, "Check Out." You will be directed to find the person purchasing the item in your database or to "Check Out as Guest."


  • For a Guest Purchase, the person can pay via "Offline Payments" or Pay with Debit/Credit Card. 

A Few Things To Note:

  1. The Debit/Credit card for a guest is NOT SAVED in your Zen Planner. 
  2. In your Financial Reports, these transactions will appear with no First Name or Last Name - simply the bill and payment information (including amount, date purchased, etc.)
  3. To manage "Offline Payment" options, log in to studio. Click Setup>Database Tools > Lookup Codes. Click "Payment Type" to edit Offline Payment options.


  • For an existing person purchase, use the search function to find their profile.

Depending on how the person would like to pay for the item, select an account on file, add payment method (this payment account WILL SAVE in Zen Planner) or mark the bill as paid through an Offline Payment. 



** To automatically send receipts to existing people in your database, activate the "Payment Receipt - Email" automation found in Setup > Communication > Automations > Billing.  For tips on how to turn on other pre-set automated emails, click here



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