Release Announcement - February 10, 2017

Check out this week's release notes!

We added some new features and squashed some bugs to create a better experience for you and your students.       


New Features and Enhancements 

  • We are so excited to announce that you can now make retail purchases on the Staff App including "guest" purchases! 
  • We have also made viewing retail on Member Connect more user friendly by allowing items to display in rows instead of only one column. 
  • We are also excited to announce the Member App feedback widget! Now your members can provide feedback about their experience using the app from the app itself. This new feature will also help us troubleshoot any issues with the Member App directly with your members! 


Squashed Bugs 

  • Fixed the issue where when logged into from an iPad you could not scroll through the 'Profile Details' pop up box. 
  • Fixed the issue where inventory quantities in a Bills (Retail) report displayed inaccurately.


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