How to: Email Member App Information to your Members

Did you know Zen Planner has an awesome App for your members to manage their profile, bills, class reservations, payment accounts and progress?

You can easily send your members the link to download the Free Zen Planner Member App by following these instructions.

Setup> Communication> Document Templates.

Scroll to the Member Section. Find and click on the document template named "Introduce the Member app to your Members!"

Make any edits you wish to make to the document - this is what they will read. Be sure to click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the template once done editing.

After clicking "Save Changes," scroll to the top and click "Send Emails."

Use the criteria to filter only your members. Criteria should read: Status -- is -- Student."
Refresh the report. Be sure to "Show All" if you have more than 50 members to include all of them in your email.

Click the plus sign box to select everyone. Click 'Send "Introduce the Member App To Y"'  

Review the document and click "Send XX Emails Now."


How do I know these emails were sent?
A new tab will open telling you that the Email has been Queued. 
You can see the Emails going out in your Email History (Setup> Communication> Email History).


Common Questions:

[ARTICLE] How to reset a member's password

[ARTICLE] Sending initial passwords to everyone with a membership at once

Trouble shooting:
If you do not see any classes or information when you open the Member App, check the membership in Studio.

  • If there is not a membership assigned to your profile, assign one. This member app only works for members - people without a membership will not be able to use Member App functionality.
  • Check your Program Enrollments: Search for the Member. Click "Membership" on the left. Click on the corresponding item by "Eligible Programs" to ensure appropriate access to the correct classes.


More setup Help can be found HERE



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