Merging/Consolidating Zen Planner Databases

If you have multiple Zen Planner databases and are considering consolidating them into a single database, there are a number of factors to consider first.

The consolidation of databases will require the export of information from one database, update to export files then import into the other database. If consolidating or merging your databases is not necessary, we would not recommend as some data will not transfer.

Imports to the Zen Planner software will require formatting before the file is accepted by the import tool.  Please read all instructions in the Setup > Database Tools > Data Import section before attempting to import your data.  For the import tool to recognize the data in the import, you must provide the correct name for each field.  As an example, “First Name” would not be recognized by the import tool, however “FirstName” would.  The names for all importable fields can be found in the “Import File Layout” section of the import process.

If merging your databases is necessary, these are the steps you will need to complete in order to shut down the database you no longer need (30-day cancellation notice required).


For this example, Old Database is the database that you will be closing and New Database is the database that you will use moving forward.

Export People from Old Database

Import People to New Database (Imports will require formatting your exported data in a spreadsheet.  As an example, when you export people, you can include addresses.  However, you cannot separate addresses into Street, City, State, Zip Code.  Because of that, you will need to modify those files in your spreadsheet software to upload them properly.)

Create membership options in New Database (membership labels need to match import file verbatim to work)

Create classes in New Database (class names need to match import file verbatim to work)

Create programs in New Database (program names need to match import file verbatim to work)

Export memberships from Old Database

Import memberships into New Database

Export attendance records from Old Database

Import attendance records into New Database (you will need to have classes created for this to work, usually recommend creating one class then importing attendances that one class)

Export rank history from Old Database

Import rank history to New Database (not recommended)

Create skills in New Database (skill names in import file need to match verbatim for import to work)

Export skill results from Old Database

Import skill results in New Database

Export bills from Old Database

Import bills into New Database (import will not include payment information attached or income categories)

Export expenses from Old Database

Import expenses into New Database

*Payment account information transfers may or may not be available depending on your processor


In order to cancel your old database, you will need to reach out to our support team at or 866-541-3570 to request the closure of that account. We do require a 30-day cancellation notice in order to process the closure.

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