How to View an Account Balance

A person’s account balance can be viewed in three places:

  • By a staff member in Studio
  • By a staff member in the Staff App
  • By the customer or member in the Member App


PLEASE NOTE - The account balance function will not be available on the kiosk Ipad app and Member Connect due to overall usage trending away from those products, and that they will be undergoing major changes in the future.


PLEASE NOTE - Zero amount account balances remove these indicators from the overview & Financial pages. 


Account Balance in Studio

If a person has a positive account balance on their account, you will see it prominently displayed on their profile overview page in the alerts section and at the top of their 'Financial' page.






Account Balance in the Staff App

When you view a person's 'Financial' page in the Staff App, you will see a 'Balance' alert box if the person has a positive account balance.



Account Balance in the Member App

When a member (or a non-member with a password) logs into the Member App, they will see a 'Balance' alert box in the 'Bills' section of their profile if they have a positive account balance.



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