Viewing Account Balance Info on Financial Reports

You can view account balance information on four reports:

  • Account Balance
  • Payments
  • Bills (Show Payments)
  • Bills (account balance columns are available to be added, but are not the default)


Account Balance

The 'Account Balance' report has been added to the 'New Report' menu. This report will allow you to see everyone in your database that is carrying a positive account balance.




The 'Payments' report now has a 'Balance Redeemed' column to call out when an account balance has been used to pay a bill.




Bills (Show Payments)

Payments Made to Increase an Account Balance (no actual bill was paid)
You can quickly locate payments made to increase an account balance by looking for the bill type 'Balance'. In the example below, highlighted in red.

Payments Made Using an Account Balance
Look for the bill type 'Bill'; if an account balance was used as the payment, you will see that amount noted in the 'Balance Redeemed This Bill' column. In the example below, column called out by green arrow.


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