Using Zen Planner's Lead Capture Widget

Zen Planner is happy to release our new Lead Capture Widget, which will greatly enhance the functionality of our original Request Info Forms. Although both are still found within Zen Planner, we highly encourage you to check out the new Lead Capture Widget, as its modern design and sleek functionality will improve the aesthetic of your website, and help capture to more leads!

To get started, you'll want to log in to your Zen Planner database and navigate to Setup > My Widgets.


Next, you'll click + Create on the top right, and you'll see the configurable setup screen, including the real-time widget preview in the bottom half of the screen: 


From the widget setup screen, you'll be able to begin configuring your widget to match the orientation, font, theme, opacity, and colors that best complement your website!

You can also choose one additional field to make required, such as Phone Number, Birthday, or Gender. Limiting the form to four fields allows you to get the highest possible amount of lead submissions, which in turn allows for the best conversation rates for people visiting your site to becoming members!

The next step is to choose the Tracking tags that you'd like your form to auto-add to that person's profile when they're created in Zen Planner. These tags allow you to create different Lead Capture forms based on your preferences, and where that particular form might be embedded on your website. For instance, you can have one widget on your regular program page and one on your kids program page.

Once configured to meet your needs, you'll want to click Save Changes on the top right, which will then change into "Display Widget Code." Click that button to bring up the html code that you'll copy into your website - it will look like the following:


One really neat thing is that any changes you make on the backend will automatically update the widget code, so you'll only have to paste it once into your website!

In terms of what the actual widgets can look like, here are some examples that show the difference between the Dark and Light themes, as well as how it might look toggling between horizontal and vertical orientation:




Of course, that's all fine and dandy, but what the heck does this new widget look like on your actual website?

Check these examples out, using some of Zen Planner's integrated websites:



If you're feeling particularly feisty, you can even make one that looks like this:


The possibilities are endless, but one thing is for sure - Zen Planner's new Lead Capture Widget will help drive more leads to your business no matter how you design yours!

If you need further guidance on using the Lead Capture Widget, feel free to call the Support team at 866-541-3570 or email us at and we'll be happy to help!



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