Time Clock & Hourly Payroll Changes

Introducing Time Clock – The ability for staff members to Clock In and Clock Out!

One of our largest feature requests has been the ability for staff members to clock in and clock out and we have been working hard to bring you the ability to do so! In the upcoming weeks, you will see this functionality in both studio and Staff App Tablet.  This will also change how your staff enters their hours if you use hourly payroll.

This article will walk you through the changes and additions! 


What’s New?

Quickly Clock In and Clock Out through Studio and Staff App Tablet

Once our new Time Clock feature has been released, you will see a new clock icon located within the top navigation bar in studio. If you are using Staff App Tablet, you will find this in the “Z” menu. 



Once you click on the Time Clock icon, any staff member who has hourly pay rates set up in Zen Planner will be listed. From here, they can select their role (if they have more than one staff role) and clock in. Once they are done with their shift, they can access the Time Clock and easily clock out.



Why can't staff enter hours in "Hourly Time Entry"?

We removed unnecessary links to make your experience easier. 

Now that we have a way for your staff members to clock in and clock out, you will no longer see the “Hourly Time Entry” section in your setup menu.  This is because, you and your staff, do not need to manually enter in their hours. Our handy Time Clock feature will do that for you now!


How do I edit or add hourly time entries now?

There is now a more user-friendly way to add and edit your staff’s entries. 

If you need to add or edit your staff member's hourly time entries, you can still do so by accessing “Setup” > “Payroll Reports”. From here, choose which staff member you need to update and click on their name.  You will be brought to a detail summary page of all of their pay rates.  In the hourly section, you will find an “edit” button where you can easily add, or update any existing entry. Once you have made the changes you needed to, just hit “Save Changes”.  





What does this mean for my staff members?

If your staff members are currently logging their hours, under “Dashboard” > “My Account” > “Enter My Hours”, they will no longer see this option. In order for them to log hours, they will need to clock in and out through our new hourly time clock. If your staff member would like to view their current timesheet, they can do so by going to “My Account” > “View Timesheet”.

Here, they will see an overview of any logged pay rate associated to their name. This already exists today, but we made some simple updates to make it look and feel a bit nicer.

What if I want my staff members to edit or add time entries?

If you want to allow your staff members to edit or add personal time entries, you can do so by giving them the staff role privilege “Personal Timesheet”. This will allow each staff member to update his or her own individual hourly time entries. To give staff members this privilege, log into Zen Planner. Navigate to “Setup” > “Staff Members”. From here choose the staff member in which you want to give access to. Click on the “Staff Roles” tab. Select “Personal Timesheet” and save your changes.  You staff members will not have the ability to “Edit” their hourly time entries, saving you any hassle from correcting mistakes.



Bonus! You can now customize a 2 Week Pay Period to the dates that make most sense with your business.
In Setup> Staff> Payroll Reports and on an Open Pay Period, click "Edit Pay Period." In the "Duration" drop down menu, select "Every 2 Weeks." Customize when the pay period should end - this should be the middle of the pay period. You will see a proposed pay period schedule so you can check your work. "Save changes and calculate" to save changes.



Questions? We're here to help you! Please reach out to our support team at or 866-541-3570

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