Time Clock & Hourly Payroll


The Time Clock feature allows your hourly staff members to clock in/out directly through Studio or Staff App Tablet!


To access the time clock in Studio, select the clock icon located in the top navigation bar. If you are using Staff App Tablet, you will find the time clock in the “+” menu. 




After selecting the Time Clock icon, staff who are associated with an hourly pay rate will be listed (See Set Up Hourly Pay Rates for pay rate setup instructions). If a staff member is associated with multiple hourly pay rates they can select the specific hourly "role" and clock in/out. 



Editing Staff's hourly time entries

To add/edit staff hourly entries, go to Setup > Payroll Reports. From here, choose which staff member you would like to update by clicking on their name. In the "Hourly" section of the detail summary page, select the “edit” button to add or update an existing entry. Once you have made your changes, click Save Changes.  





How can staff members access their hourly timesheet?

If your staff member would like to view their current timesheet, they can do so by going to My Account > View Timesheet.

Here, they will see an overview of their payroll information.

To allow your staff members to manually edit or add their personal time entries, you will need to give them the “Personal Timesheet” staff role. 

To grant staff members this staff role, go to Setup > Staff Members. From the Staff Members page, click the staff member name that you want to give access to. Once, in the staff profile, click on the Staff Roles tab > check the box next to Personal Timesheet > Save Changes. 




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