Release Announcement - May 12, 2017


We added two new enhancements and squashed some bugs to create a better experience for you and your members.       


New Enhancements

  • We are very excited to announce the ability to edit the details of a class session via the Staff App! 
  • We are also excited to announce that we added a new recipient tag to email templates, now you can select "primary email" or "parent email" from the drop down menu.


Squashed Bugs 

  • Fixed the issue where when printing an individual staff member's payroll report for a given pay period, the staff member's name was not displaying. 
  • Fixed the issue where merging one profile with a positive balance and one profile without positive balance resulted in an error message.
  • Fixed the issue where workouts were displaying for members before the noted publish time. 
  • Fixed the issue where incorrect workout results were displaying for members for future workouts that had not been completed.
  • Fixed the issue where "As Many Rounds As Possible" (AMRAP) workout results were rounding to the nearest tenth when entered on the Member Mobile App.  
  • Fixed the issue where tags for "Home Address", "Mobile Phone" and "Primary Phone" were not generating onto a universal digital signature document when using the iPad Kiosk App. 


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