How to Sell a Membership in Staff App

In this article, we will walk you through how to sell memberships via the staff app/tablet.  

There are two ways to add a membership to a person's profile in Staff App/Tablet

  1. Through Class Access
  2. Through their Enhanced Profile


Through Class Access

When to do this:
When looking at a class and someone wants to buy a membership with access to that specific class.

How to do this:

  1. Click on the class (through the calendar) you want to sell a membership with access to. To find the person you are selling to, search for the person in the search bar.
  2. When their name pops up, simply click on their photo. This will bring them straight to the “Class Access” page.  

    Mobile Version

  3. Tap on “Memberships” from the class access page. This will take you over to the “Select Membership” screen.

    Mobile Version
    Tablet Version

  4. To select the Membership of choice, tap on the circle to the left of the Membership Title. 

  5. After the selection has been made, click NEXT (in the upper right-hand corner).

  6. The PURCHASE page will appear. You can run offline payments, use an account on file, or add a payment account for this purchase. If you are using an account on file or adding a payment account, you have the option to turn Auto-Pay ON by sliding the dial on the top left. 
    To view the "details" of the membership for purchase, tap on "Details" towards the top right. 

    Mobile Version
    Tablet Version
    If you're using an Offline Payment, you can indicate how much the person is paying. If they are paying more than the required amount, you can indicate if the person wants change (Zen Planner will calculate the change for you) or you can apply any extra funds to an account balance for the client to spend down later. 

    After the sale of the membership, any active "membership type" digital signature documents - such as a member contract - will follow, prompting the member to sign. After the signatures are collected, you will be taken back to the class page in which you can then check the member in. 


Through their Enhanced Profile 

When to use this:
When you want to select from your entire list of memberships you have set as “visible” and are not class-dependent. For example, you have an upcoming Zumba class happening in 10 minutes. There is a member wanting to purchase a membership with access to yoga classes. In this instance, you would go to their enhanced profile through the “People” icon to add the membership.

You can access someone’s Enhanced Profile two ways: from the 
class and from the new “PEOPLE” icon on the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

  • To get to an enhanced profile from a class, click on the class. If the person is reserved, long-tap their name (hold down on their profile). Click on “Profile” in the menu that appears. If they are checked-in, go to the checked-in tab and tap their name. Select “Profile” to be taken to their Enhanced Profile.
  • To add a membership through the Enhanced Profile through the "PEOPLE" icon, click on the new People icon.

    Mobile Version

    Tablet Version

    A list of your CURRENT students will populate. You may search for anyone in your database by using the search bar at the top. 
  1. Once you find the person, tap on their name to go to their Enhanced Profile. 

    Mobile Version
    Tablet Version

  2. Tap "Add Membership" which will take you to the "Select Membership" Screen.
    Note: If you add a membership through an "Enhanced Profile," this page will list all membership (organized by category) that are set to VISIBLE/PUBLIC within the membership build in studio
  3. The next screen will be the "Select Membership" page with the same workflow as listed above. 

Notes and Resources:

  • In order to sell memberships on the staff app mobile/tablet, your staff members must be granted specific Staff Member Privileges. They will need the following privileges:
    • View Personal Profiles
    • Enrollment Coordinator
    • Cashier
  • Along with that setting, each membership must have the Visible setting box checked off.This can be found in studio. Setup> Programs> Membership Options. Click into the membership. Scroll to the very bottom and ensure that the membership is "Show this membership on the 'Add a Membership' signup page (studio only)"


Article about Membership Options Set Up

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[ARTICLE] How to add a new person and sell them a membership

Article on editing your "offline payment" dropdown menu


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