Release Announcement - June 9, 2017


We added two new enhancements and squashed some bugs to create a better experience for you and your members.       


New Enhancements

  • Ability for members to add their reserved classes and appointments to their personal calendar
  • Ability to purchase memberships through the Member App
  • Ability to sell memberships through the Staff App 

Squashed Bugs 

  • Fixed issue where memberships that renew into themselves with a specific start date were renewing endlessly.  This is no longer the case.
  • Fixed issue where changing your "brand color" in Zen Planner will also affect the Zen Planner Staff App.
  • Fixed issue  where membership bill dates were affected in February.  If someone has a bill date of the 28th - 31st, in February their memberships was changing to "Last day of the month" for begin date.  They will now stay on their original begin date after February.

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