Export Attendances from Mindbody Online

If you track attendances in Mindbody Online for members that are on class cards, please follow these steps to export those records. Zen Planner imports attendances based off of how many classes they have already attended, allowing you to see how many classes they have remaining on their current membership.

Once you have exported this Excel file from Mindbody Online, please send it directly to our onboarding coordinator at or your onboarding coach so we can reformat the data and provide you with further instructions on how to complete this import.

1. Click on Reports in the top right corner

2. Click on Clients from the left

3. Scroll down the list and find the report called Attendance without Revenue

4. Decide the date range you would like to capture

5. Choose whether you would like to exclude no-shows from the list

6. Click Go under Generate and export your data to excel.




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