How to Purchase a Membership on the Member App: For a Staff Member

In this article, learn how members can purchase a membership for themselves through the Zen Planner Member App. 

** Studio settings that need to be in place to allow membership purchase on Member App include:

  • Member Privileges allowing members to pay bills.
    • Setup>Member Connect>Member Privileges. It's in the financial section.


  • Make sure the membership options you will allow for them to purchase are "Public."  
    • Setup>Programs>Membership Options. Click into the membership you wish to be public. Scroll down and ensure the "Public" box is checked.
    • Other suggested settings in the "Public" section of the membership option are to allow members to pay "Sign Up Fee and First" 



How Members Purchase a Membership from the Member App:

1. Once Logged in to the Member App, tap the "Z" on the top left.

2. In the slide-out menu, select "Purchase." 



3. On the "Select Membership" screen, choose the membership you would like to purchase. 
Tap the arrow next to the installment amount to read more information about the membership. If you do not see the membership you would like to purchase, talk to the gym owner about making that membership option "Public."

Select the Membership to Purchase and tap "Next" on the top right. 



 4. This is the “Purchase Membership” Screen. Click “Details” on the top right to see the billing details of this membership such as: Pro-rated amount, included taxes, and special billing details.

If you have an account on file, you can use that account to “Pay Now.” You can also "Add Payment Method" to enter in another account. 


5. Once you "Pay Now," you will need to confirm your payment. Then you will be taken to your Enhanced Profile. 


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