When to Refund in Zen Planner vs. the Payment Processor

This article describes when it is appropriate to refund money in Zen Planner verses when you should refund the money in your Payment Processor Portal.


When you can refund in Zen Planner:

If you use Pay Simple or BlueFin as a payment processor and the payment you are refunding was a credit card payment, you may refund in Zen Planner and the funds will be returned to the payer's credit card account.


If you use any other payment processor and/or the payment was made via ACH/EFT or Cash, the money will either need to be refunded by logging in to your Payment Processor's Portal - or of course through a cash refund.


Here is how to refund a payment in Zen Planner if you are a PaySimple or Blue Fin Customer. 
Here is when to void a payment in Zen Planner. 


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