Auto-Renew VS. Auto-Pay

Here is a quick description of what each function does:

Auto-Renew - Ensures that the membership automatically renews at the end of each membership term and doesn't expire.

Auto-Pay - Must be activated for each individual membership on each member's profile in order for bills to by automatically paid. It ensures that all bills associated with that membership and its renewals are automatically paid on their due date.


Read on for info on specific functionality and how to use these functions:



Auto-renewal settings are configured when the membership is built under Setup>Programs>Membership Options. 


You have a few options for a membership to Auto-renew.

1. The membership can be ON to Auto-renew into the "Current Membership." This means that the membership will renew into itself at the end of the original duration. For example, this is ideal for month-to-month memberships. By turning auto-renew on, the membership will automatically renew itself into another exact copy with the same enrollments, price, etc. until the auto-renewal is turned off or the membership is dropped or deleted on the person's profile. 

2. The membership can renew into another membership. This is ideal for an intro membership renewing into a longer commitment membership. For example, you could offer a Low-Barrier Membership (such as a discounted first month) and have it automatically renew into your regular memberships. If you have membership contracts turned on, the member will be asked to sign the contract for the initial membership and for the new one when it renews. 

3. The membership renewal could be turned OFF. This is ideal for Paid-in-Full memberships (such as a yearly membership) that has a higher installment amount but a longer duration. 

Here is more information on how to turn on auto-renewals. Of course, these are just suggestions and each business runs their durations and auto-renewal policies differently. 



Auto-pay is a feature that when activated for a membership will automatically debit funds from the member's associated payment account for the bills generated for that membership & it's renewals. It will ensure that these payments are automatically made on the due date of every bill generated by that membership and its renewals.


You will not need to manually process a payment for each bill for the membership that has autopay activated - payments will happen automatically on the  

These are two separate features for a few reasons:

  • Maybe the membership should be on auto-renew, but you'd like for the member to go in and pay the bill themselves
  • Maybe the country in which you live does not offer a payment processor that works with Zen Planner and you'd like bills to be generated so you can take payments offline and use Zen Planner's reporting to reconcile payments and bank statements. 

Here is how to activate auto-pay.

*Note: Only a staff member can activate auto-pay - a member cannot turn this on themselves. This can be done in Studio and the Staff App when adding a membership to a person's profile. 

If you have questions, please reach out to our support team at or at (866-541-3570)

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