When to refund a payment vs. when to void a payment

This article describes the difference in refunding and voiding a payment.


When to refund a payment:

When the funds need to be returned to a member and recorded as such. Please note only Zen Planner Customers using Pay Simple and Blue Fin can refund credit card payments through Zen Planner. ACH/EFT payments can be reflected as refunded in Zen Planner, but the Zen Planner customer will need to log into their Payment Processing Portal to actually refund those funds.

Non Pay Simple and Blue Fin customers can only mark payments as refunded in Zen Planner. To actually refund the money, they will need to log into their Payment Processing Portal to refund it. This is true of credit card payments as well as ACH/EFT payments.

How to refund a payment.

When to VOID a payment: 

When you wish to undo a payment made on a bill, you should void the payment. This is ideal if you accidentally marked that the bill was paid and you need to "delete" that record.

NOTE: When you a void a payment, this does NOT automatically refund the payment to your client's credit card or checking account. You still need to log into your payment gateway account and apply the credit to the client's transaction to fully refund their account.

How to void a payment.


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