When to contact Zen Planner vs. When to contact your payment processor

This article describes which questions are best answered by Zen Planner verses those that should be answered by your Payment Processor. If you reach out to us with a question for your payment processor, we will do everything we can to answer the question correctly, but because we work with multiple payment processors and merchant accounts and each one follows different guidelines and have different processing fees, etc, we are unable to answer everything. Here is a guide on what we can answer:


When to contact Zen Planner:


When to contact your Payment Processor: 

  • When will I receive my funds?
    In almost every situation, Zen Planner sends this info to your payment processor immediately (with the exception of a 40 minute delay for Beanstream) Your payment processor may batch the funds differently
  • What are my transaction rates?
  • How can I refund a credit card payment if I do not use Pay Simple or BlueFin?
  • How can I refund any EFT/ACH payment?
  • How can I update my deposit account?
  • Why can I not accept a higher single payment or total payment?
  • How do I raise this set amount (get approved to process more)?
  • What does billing look like on my customer’s statement?
  • How do I accept CC or EFT payments when I was only approved for one or the other?
  • How do I get approved for EFT payments?
  • What does this error code mean?

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at or at (866)541-3570

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