How to Use Filters and Navigate the Front Desk Calendar

In this article we will walk you through how to use the filters of Front Desk and how to navigate through the calendar

- Open up the Front Desk

- From the Calendar, click the Funnel icon at the top left


-This will allow you to filter the view by All Staff or Just Me. The All Staff setting will show all sessions within the database regardless of who is teaching. The Just Me setting will only show sessions where the logged in user is assigned 

-If you click the calendar icon to the left of the funnel, this will bring you to the date picker


-From here you can click into any day on the calendar to see that day's schedule. You can also click to previous and future months. Please note, Front Desk will only be able to look 3 months into the past or future for now

Find other help documentation for Front Desk usability here

Reach out to us with your questions, suggestions and comments. Reach our Support Team at or at 866-541-3570.

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