Release Announcement - July 21st, 2017


We added new enhancements and squashed some bugs to create a better experience for you and your members.       

New Enhancements

  • Added "Daily Membership Average" report to the Dashboard area
  • Added the ability to apply any new signature document type to current members, prospects or alumni

Squashed Bugs 

  • Fixed issue where member app reservations were adding to calendar on phone and hour behind actual class time
  • Fixed issue where reports were not grouping properly when using custom field as reference
  • Fixed issue where updating a custom field in a custom membership field changes the class limits for limited memberships
  • Fixed issue where limiting prevent last minute reservations not applying to free trial class registrations online
  • Fixed issue where custom memberships are not appearing on "Memberships" report when the criteria is set to "Membership Label : is empty"
  • Fixed issue where Cannot sign up for an event that is free or that has applied a discount for the full amount of the bill
  • Fixed issue where Beanstream was not accepting three-digit province codes for processing through ZP

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