Daily Membership Average Report

Find insight on the growth of your membership sales over time. Add the Daily Membership Average Report onto your Dashboard to see a high level of your monthly and daily membership sales. 

Here is how to find it. 

  • From your Dashboard, click "Customize" on the top right.

  • Select the "Charts" Tab
  • Check the "Daily Membership Average" box

  • Save and return



This report will live on your Dashboard until you remove it. You can click into each month and then into each day to gain insight onto your membership sales.


*Note: The daily membership average shows how many people had memberships each day/month. Not how many memberships that are active. For example, a member might have a Personal Training membership and an Unlimited Group Class Membership, but they would show as 1 person in this report.


If you have questions on how to read this report or use it to help strategize or plan for future promotions, reach out to us at or at (866)541-3570.

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