Setting Up and Using Zen Planner's Gift Cards

Does your business use gift cards frequently? Have you been waiting for Zen Planner to build a gift card feature for a while now? Are you just curious about how Zen Planner gift cards work? If you've answered yes to any of those questions, this help document is for you. We'll start with the gift card setup.

Setting Up Gift Cards

To get to the gift card setup page, log into Studio > Retail > Gift Card (under Retail Store Setup). To keep things simple, we've created a single configuration page where you can customize the details of your gift card.


Similar to existing retail items, you can configure the Name, Category and Sub-category and Income Category, Description and where the gift card displays. If you'd like to separate gift cards from other retail items on reports, we suggest adding a new income category in that is unique to gift cards.

To allow customizability, we've added a minimum/maximum value for which a gift card can be purchased.  If you want people to only be able to buy a gift card between $50 and $100 dollars, you can enter 50 for the minimum and 100 for the maximum. (Note: when setting the maximum value, keep in mind the per transaction limit you have set up with your payment processor)

We've also allowed customization of the expiration date for your gift card. The default expiration dates are:

  • None
  • 6 Months
  • 1 Year
  • 2 Years
  • 5 Years

Be sure to check out the gift card expiration date laws where you live - laws vary by locale.

After configuring your gift card, you will see a preview example of the PDF that will be emailed to customers who purchase a gift card! Feel free to upload a logo for your gift card to personalize the PDF purchasers receive (images will re-size to fit a 400 x 150 pixel frame)!

Purchasing Gift Cards

Gift cards can be sold in the Staff App, Front Desk and Member Connect.  

Gift cards can be purchased from your Member Connect site via the Retail section. Like other retail on the member connect site, if someone wants to purchase a gift card and doesn't have an account, he or she will need to create a profile first. 

In Staff App and Front Desk, gift cards can be sold by going to Retail > select the gift card icon > customize the gift card amount > complete existing retail purchase flow. Gift card amounts entered outside the minimum/maximum that has been setup in Studio, will alert the staff and prevent purchase.

After the purchase is completed, the purchaser will automatically receive the gift card code via email. If that person doesn't have an email on file (or is a guest), the staff member will be prompted to enter one to send the gift card to. That brings us to redeeming.


Redeeming Gift Cards

Gift cards can be redeemed in the Staff App, Member App, and on Front Desk. 

After navigating to the purchase screen on one of the supported platforms, you'll see a new dropdown called Redeem Gift Card. By selecting Redeem Gift Card, you'll be able to type the unique code you've received on the gift card PDF, then select Redeem.

Redeeming a gift card will add the amount it was purchased for to the redeemer's account balance. Once redeemed, you'll be able to apply the positive balance toward any transaction for that person.

Reporting on Gift Cards

Heading to Dashboard > + New Report will show you a list of your available reporting options. To see gift card-specific information, head to Gift Cards. As with other reports, default criteria will be displayed; however you can edit the criteria up to show you the information you'd like (Edit Report Settings). If someone loses track of his or her gift card email, you can view the Gift Cards report to see what his or her unique code is. Additionally, you can download that PDF again and re-send it to the purchaser. 


If you need further guidance on setting up, purchasing or redeeming gift cards, feel free to call the Support Team at 866-541-3570 or email us at and we'll be happy to help!


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