How to Finalize Your Membership Import

After you add memberships to your existing members you will need to go through this checklist to make sure that everything is finalized and you are ready to go live.


This checklist is helpful whether you added memberships using an import, or added memberships to profiles manually. 



Depending on which software you are moving from, you most likely will not be able to pull another membership export of new sign-ups going forward from your prior software.

Please make sure you are adding new members to your Zen Planner database manually so Zen Planner can continue to track those new members once you switch over.

Keep in mind that a bill may populate once you add a membership. Make sure you are deleting this bill from Zen Planner so your members are not double charged.



1.  Please keep in mind you may see some past due bills on your student’s profiles, reconciling those bills will be covered in step 4 below, please do not make any changes to the due dates.


2.  If you need to customize individual student memberships (like updating their price point to a custom amount), do that now. This article will give you direction:


3.  You will want to check that all the students that got imported appear as CURRENT. If the date listed in the Begin Date column in the import fell outside of the length of the membership they will no longer appear in your STUDENTS list. Please follow these steps to make them CURRENT members:


4.  If everything looks good, reconcile old bills.  This article will walk you through doing that: (THIS STEP IS VERY IMPORTANT TO COMPLETE PRIOR TO GRANTING ACCESS TO THE MEMBER WEBSITE)


5.  If you aren’t doing a payment acct import, begin entering payment account info for anyone that needs to have autopay (if you are having members enter their own accounts this will be covered in Step 7):


6.  Turn on autopay for any memberships that should be auto drafting going forward:


7.  Grant your members access to the Member Connect site:


8.  LAST STEP- If you are on a fast track and need to go live before your next session, take a peek at this help doc to make sure you are all set for your launch:


Please keep in mind; every business is different, so this list isn't intended to cover every situation or setup.

If you have specific concerns that aren't addressed here, reach out to us for help!




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