How to Resolve Alerts on Kiosk Mode

In this article, we will walk you through how to resolve alerts when you are on Kiosk Mode 

There are 2 types of blocking alerts on Kiosk Mode - Staff App that members are able to resolve:

  • Unpaid Bills
  • Unsigned Documents

If a member has one of the these blocking alerts on their profile, they will see the image below appear once they click on their profile picture:  


  • Click on the right arrow to resolve the alert for the unsigned document or unpaid bill 
  • The member will then be prompted to verify their identity by providing their password


Once they have provided their password and clicked Sign In, they will be prompted to sign any unsigned documents and/or pay any unpaid bills.

View the below articles for more on unsigned documents and unpaid bills on Staff App!

How to Sign an Unsigned Document on Staff App 

How to Pay an Unpaid Bill on Staff App *Please Note: Since this is member facing, members will not be able to select an offline payment method type when paying their bills

When they have completed signing any unsigned documents or paid their past due amount, they will be checked in to the class


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