Purchasing Retail on Kiosk Mode

In this article, we will walk you through how to purchase retail on Kiosk Mode for existing members and guests. 


 Your retail store will need to be configured before you will be able to sell items through the Kiosk Mode. 
For information about Retail Store Setup, click here.


  • In Kiosk Mode, click on Retail in the bottom navigation menu.




*Once you click on Retail it will remain on the Retail page until Check-In or Staff Mode is selected. 

  • From the Retail screen you can search for product by clicking on the top navigation search bar or scroll through the retail categories. PLEASE NOTE: The only product that will show in Retail Kiosk Mode are the products that have 'In Gym' selected in Studio. If you track inventory and an item is currently out-of-stock, a red banner will display across the product and you will not be able to select the item to add it to the cart. 
  • As you select a product, you will see it appear in the cart on the right side of the page. 




  • If the product has multiple options, a pop-up window will appear where you will be able to select the option, adjust the quantity and 'Add to Cart'. 




PLEASE NOTE: If you track inventory and one of the items within the multiple options is out-of-stock, you will not be able to select that item to add to the cart.




  • Once you are ready to complete the order, select Check Out at the bottom of the cart.
  • This will bring you to a screen where you can proceed to check out as Guest or search for your name if you are an existing member. *When you select 'Check Out as Guest', you will be prompted to enter in your billing information to pay for the items (this does not store your billing information).




  • If you are an existing member you will type in your name in the search field.  This will allow you to select your name from the list of names similar to the first few characters you search for. 




  • Once you click on your name a portion of your email will be displayed where you will be prompted to enter in your password and use the account you have on file to pay for the items. If you have an account balance you are able to use it on Retail - Kiosk Mode too!




** To automatically send receipts to existing people in your database, activate the "Payment Receipt - Email" automation found in Setup > Communication > Automations > Billing.  For tips on how to turn on other pre-set automated emails, click here


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