How to Add a Prospect on the Staff App

This article describes how to add a prospect through the Staff App.

In order to do this, a staff member must already have access to Zen Planner. If they do not, this article will walk you through that process: 


1. Staff member will click on the "Z" on the bottom of the Staff App. 


2. Tap "Add Person" and fill out contact information. 


3. Once complete, tap "Next" on the top right.


4. If you have a universal document activated, such as a waiver, the document will appear for the person to sign. The person will tap "Sign Now" and the person will use their finger to sign the document



5. Since this person is not tied to a class, you will be taken to their profile from which you can edit their contact information, add a photo (by tapping "edit" on the top right), add payment methods, view bills and add memberships. 

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