{VIDEO} 1/2 Basic Setup Instructions for Boutique Fitness Studios and General Gyms

This 23 minute video will cover the important features that you need to know to setup your Zen Planner account. Please click on the link below to get started!

Building Out the Basics for a General Gyms Zen Planner Setup

                Programs- (1:20)

                                Group Classes (1:25)

                                Private Sessions (1:58)

                Classes- (2:40)

                                Building out a Class (2:42)

                                How to Activate Multiple Schedules (4:50)

                                How to Publish Online (5:58)

                                Make Reservations (6:20)

                                Free Trials (7:46)

                                Drop-In’s (8:10)

                Membership Options- (9:20)

                                How Designate Membership Names and Length (9:40)

                                Setting a Price for a Membership (10:54)

                                Prorate Memberships (11:10)

                                Enrollments for Eligibility (12:10)

                                Publish Online (12:33)

                                Triggers (14:05)

                                How to Add a Class Card Membership (15:45)

                                Setting a Price for a Class Card (16:29)

                                Add-On (17:09)

                Appointments- (17:53)

                                Making Appointments Public (18:41)

                                Available Staff Members for Appointments (19:37)

                                Edit Schedules for Staff Members (20:10)

                                Creating breaks in Schedules (20:56)

                Adding Staff Members- (21:20)

                                Staff Member Profile (21:40)

                                Grant Staff Member Access to Login into Zen Planner (22:08)

                                Staff Roles (22:22)


Thank you for watching our 1st of 2 General Gym and Boutique Fitness setup videos, we hope you found it helpful! Please navigate to our Help Documents Page HERE if you would like more information on any of these topics. You can also use the search icon in the top right corner to search for any topic you want to know more about.


Please continue watching on to our 2nd video to continue the setup process:

2/2 Basic Setup Instructions for a Boutique Fitness and General Gyms


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