{VIDEO} 2/2 Basic Setup Instructions for Boutique Fitness Studios and General Gyms

This 24 minute video will cover the important features that you need to know to setup your Zen Planner account. Please click on the link below to get started!

Building Out the Basics for a General Gyms Zen Planner Setup 2/2

Member Management

                Add a Person- (0:55)         

                                Adding Contact Info- (2:01)

                                Prospect Info- (2:55)

                                Add a Membership to a Person (3:30)

                                Review the Membership (3:57)

                                Adding Autopay (4:12)

                Membership Overview (4:39)

                                Financial (5:45)

                                                Make a Payment (6:32)

                                                Refund or Void a Payment (7:32)

                                Membership (7:58)

                                                Renew Membership (9:09)

                                                Upgrade Membership (9:23)

                                                Hold Membership (10:04)

                                                Drop Membership (11:17)

                                                Delete Membership (12:01)

                                Attendance (12:26)

                                Progress and Results (12:45) - Workout Tracking Webinar

                                Communication & Status (13:06)

                                                Notes and Tasks (13:22)

                                Programs (13:43)

                                Registrations for Signature Documents (14:08)

                                                Add a Waiver (14:20)

                                                Signing a Waiver (15:21)

                                Member Privileges (16:11)              

                                                Member Connect Appearance (16:27)

                                                Online Calendar (17:00)

                                                Online Reservations (18:00)

                                Registration Options/Forms (18:43)

                                Member Privileges for Member Connect (19:51)

                                                Family Members (20:02)

                                                Financial (20:46)

                                                Mobile Device (21:12)

                                                Automatic Access Grant Passwords (21:20)

                                Sharing and Embedding (22:04)

                                                How to Embed on Facebook (23:12) 


Thank you for watching our last of 2 General Gym and Boutique Fitness setup videos, we hope you found it helpful! Please navigate to our Help Documents Page HERE if you would like more information on any of these topics. You can also use the search icon in the top right corner to search for any topic you want to know more about.

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