Update Records with the Batch Update Button

Need to update a record for all of your students? Instead of doing it one at a time, you can use the Batch Update Tool to update a list of members all at the same time. The Batch Update Tool appears on all our reports, and depending on the report type you select, different fields can be updated using the tool.

The Batch Update Tool


1. Create a report and use the Report Criteria or Report Settings to filter your report.

2.  If you change any of the filters, make sure to click Refresh Report to view the new results. If there are more than 50 results, you'll need to click the Show All link to display all the results.


3. To select all the visible records on the report, click on Select All. Click on the Batch Update button and open the Batch Update Window. The example below shows the Batch Update Window on the Bills Report.

An Example of a Batch Update Window


4. Find the information that you need to update and enter the new value for the update, then click on the Save Changes button to apply the update. All of the records you selected will now be updated with the new value.

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