Using the Report View

Zen Planner contains several sophisticated reporting features to help you create and save your custom reports. This help article provides an overview of the different features that appear on the report view.

This view appears after you select report type and it allows to manage the display of your report results. Clicking on any of the people in the results will take you to directly to the person's record. In the example below, clicking on Karl Agathon's name will take you directly to Karl's personal profile.

More advanced features on this view also include:

  • Choose Template - use this feature to send an email or create a mail merge document that includes all the people you select on this report. Special tag fields in the template allow you to customize the document with the personal information of each person.
  • Batch Update -  this powerful tool helps you save time. Select and apply an update to a group of records at the same time. The records you can update with the Batch Update tool vary based on report type.
  • Export - use the gray/white arrow link next to the number of report entries to export this report and import it into a spreadsheet program such as Excel. Two formats are available: .csv (comma-separated values) or tab (tab-delimited). You also can export the display into a PDF file.
  • Select All / Show All -  Use these links to select all the records on the page or show all the records into one long page.
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