Prospect Status Reports


You can add prospect status and prospect conversion reports to your Zen Planner dashboard. These reports are generated based on the prospect status and sales rep assigned to the person's profile in Zen Planner.

Prospect Status Report

This report displays all the current prospects in your database as of today and breaks it down by prospect field and sales rep. It allows you to see the current status of every prospect in your database right now and who is the assigned sales person. You can filter the data in the report by location, program or sales rep (staff). You can click on a bar to view the list of prospects who meet the report criteria.


You can configure your prospect status codes using the Setup > Database Tools > Lookup Codes > Prospect Status menu. Need advice on what prospect status codes you should be using to track your prospects? Contact our business consulting partners to learn the best way to manage and organize your prospect statuses..

Prospect Conversion Reports

This report tracks prospects who were added to the database within the last 90 days and what percentage of them converted into students.


The conversion report analyzes the prospects in two ways:

  • Total - This column shows the total number of prospects who inquired in the last 90 days and the total number of new students in the last 90 days. In between these totals, the column shows how many prospects completed each status and what percentage of prospects have been in that status within the last 90 days.
  • Conversion Rate - This column shows the conversion rate of a status from the status previously above it. This column helps you see what percentage of people are moving from one status to another in your funnel. You can control the order of the statuses using the Prospect Status page under the Setup > Database Tools > Lookup Codes menu. 
    • Why are there conversion rates greater than 100%?
      • Stages in the prospect funnel were skipped
      • Prospects are assigned to prospect status incorrectly
      • Prospect Status Sort Order is incorrect

Add Prospect Reports to Dashboard

You can customize the view on your dashboard by clicking on the "Customize Dashboard" link. To add the prospect conversion graphs, use the Chart tab and check the graphs you would like to add. Click on "Save Changes" and the graphs should now display on your dashboard.



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