Create a Distribution Map of your Clients

If you have been collecting home addresses for your students, you can use that info to have the system create a visual distribution map.  This map can be used to help inform decisions about where to open new locations or it can inform market analyses when you want to tweak your pricing structure.  The uses for this data are endless.

To access this report, go to the Dashboard and click on All Students in the sidebar.  Now, you're going to click on the Customize Report link in the upper righthand corner of the report.

Once you're on the the main report screen, you can click on the Edit Report Settings link in the upper righthand corner.  In the popup menu you need to change the format from Grid to Map, then click Refresh Report.


This will take you to a zoomed out view of all your students who have home addresses, like below.


When you rollover or click on one of the map tacks, the student's info will be displayed with a link to go to their profile.  You can click on the report criteria to change the display from student to prospect, alumni or closed.


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