Customize the Member Website Welcome Email

The member website welcome email is sent when you have the Create Passwords option turned on in your member website. This option automatically sends an email with a username and password to all members in your database.

Zen Planner has a default welcome email, but you can customize the email by:

1. Go to Setup > Member Connect > Member Privileges.

2. Make sure you have checked the Create Passwords option.


3. Click on the edit welcome message link to add your custom message. The username and password information is automatically added to the bottom of your message.


New Account Email Template

Below is the template that is used to email the username and password info to your new members. Any text that you enter in the Member Website Welcome Email section above will overwrite the default text that appears in this template.

Hello {FirstName} {LastName},

<Default Text> Here is your new account information for {SchoolPortal}. Please save this email for future reference:<Default Text>


! ------ All text below this box is hardcoded into the email template and cannot be customized ---- !

How To Log In

Your Username: {username}
Your Password: {password}

What Does This Password Do?

With your account, you can now:

  • Reserve a spot in an upcoming class.
  • Change Your Password
  • View our class calendar.
  • View our event calendar.

If you have any questions or need help using the website, please call us at {SchoolPhone} or email us at {SchoolEmail}.

Thank you and welcome aboard!

The staff at {SchoolName}

! ----- This is the end of the email template --- !


4. When finished, click on Save Changes. Zen Planner checks your database every night to find any new members and sends the welcome message to them automatically.


Helpful Tips

  • The email is sent anyone who has a current membership and does not already have a username and password to the member website.
  • Make sure that the person's email address is entered correctly in their profile or this email will not be sent to them.
  • If you're importing people to Zen Planner for the first time, make sure this option is turned off until you have finished setting up your database.
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