Customize Your Site Appearance

This topic shows you how to customize the appearance and basic features of your member connect site. 

You can use the Setup > Member Connect > Appearance menu to manage the basic colors and default settings on your member connect site, such as your home page and the default page on your member connect site. The online map is helpful for displaying a map to your locations on Google maps.


Location - The Location field displays the web address people will need to type to view your member connect site. This will be especially important when you want to embed or link to the member website from your regular site, so make sure that this URL is simple to remember. When you signed up to become a Zen Planner subscriber, you were able to set this URL; please contact the Zen Planner support team if this URL needs to be changed.

Home Page Link - Enter the URL for your company website to allow the Home link on the member connect site to redirect people to that website.

Default Page - Choose the page that you want displayed when people first land on your member connect site.

Online Map - This will display an interactive map of your locations.

Member Mobile Check In - Checking this setting will allow members to check in for class from their mobile device.

Member Profile Photo - Checking this will allow members to upload their own profile photos.

Images &  Logos - You can upload your own banner, mobile banner and customized icon graphic. The banner graphic appears on the top of your member connect site.  The mobile banner and mobile app icon will be used to customize the appearance of member connect when it is accessed from a mobile device. To ensure that your images display correctly, please folllow the size requirements outlilned to the right of each image upload type.


Color Palette - The Color Palette section lets you customize the colors used in your member connect site. Use the color picker icon to select a color from the picker or type in a hexadecimal code that matches a color from your logo. A preview of how your site will look appears on the right.



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