Publish Your Schedule as an Online Calendar

One of the most important features of your Zen Planner database is the ability to publish your schedule of classes & events out to your students and the public.  You can choose to do this using the Member Connect site that comes free with your Zen Planner membership, or you can achieve greater results by embedding your schedule on your company website.

Go to Setup > Member Connect > Online Calendar in your database to manage the settings for your online calendar, your class reservation system, and manage the display of your events.  


Calendar Options

Time Zone - This field sets the timezone for all items listed in your calendar, including classes, events and appointments.  Please note that changing the time zone here, changes the time zone for your entire database and will also impact the timing of automatic payments for bills.

Class Calendar 

Show Classes - This field will display all the classes that have the Show on Website? option checked in their class settings. 

Show Staff Info - This field adds the instructor information to the class description.  It also adds the ability to filter the calendar view by staff member. This comes in handy when a person wants to participate in a class taught by a specific staff person.

Default Format - When a person clicks on your calendar, this is the default display for your online calendar. You can pick from the month, week or list views.

Days to Display - This setting will allow you to control how many days of classes will be displayed when the calendar is viewed in List View.


  • Limit RSVP Start Time:  This field is used to limit how far in advance people can reserve classes. 
  • Prevent Last Minute Reservations:  This setting will allow you to control how close to a class' start time reservations can be made.

Cancellations - This field is used to limit how close to a class' start time a student can cancel an existing reservation.  This is particularly important if you activated the waitlist function for any of your classes or if you want to hold students accountable for late cancellations where it won't allow enough time to book in another student.

Event Calendar

Show Events - This setting allows you to publish your events to the online calendar.  This will also add events to the Sign Up page on Member Connect or the membership registration embed.


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