Embed Zen Planner into Your Website

Key Points

  • Provides your customers with a smooth, branded experience with your business's name and design.

  • A list of all the links that you can use to share or embed your member website pages can be found under the Setup > Member Connect > Sharing and Embedding Page.

  • In order for your embeds to render and be protected, the website domain must be on your approved list in Studio. To learn how to add a custom website to your approved list, navigate to this page Securing Your Embedded iFrames.

Link to your Zen Planner Member Website

Most schools simply post a link on their marketing website labeled "Members Log In Here", then set the link to point directly to their log in page on their member website. You can customize the colors and logo, but it won't match your marketing website exactly. You may also consider adding links from your site to the following pages :

  • Members Log In  - allows your members to the log in page of your member website
  • Calendar - displays your class and event calendar on the member website.
  • Public Leaderboard - if you are tracking skills & workouts, this displays your Daily and All Time Leaderboard.
  • Free Trial Classes - links to all classes that are open for free trials
  • Sign Up Now - links to all memberships and events open for registration
  • Make Appointment - links to all appointments available on the online appointment scheduler
  • Shop Online - links to your online retail store and accept online orders
  • Request Info - this is a customizable inquiry form that automatically enters prospects into Zen Planner
  • Our Location - a map of all your public locations

Embed Zen Planner into Your Website

You can also embed your Zen Planner website directly into your marketing website, which allows you to use all the functionality of your member website, but frame it within your regular website. This option provides your customers with a smooth, branded experience with your business's name and design. Here is an example of how the class schedule looks like when it is embedded into the Crested Butte CrossFit website.


Embed Zen Planner into Your WordPress Blog

If your blog is hosted on, you can embed Zen Planner content using iframes.  To embed Zen Planner into your WordPress site you will need to edit the HTML of your site to add the desired content in iframe form.  You can find a variety of pre-made iframe codes for the most frequently used embeds by going to Setup > Website > Sharing and Embedding Page in your database.  Using the native WordPress HTML editor, or if you are using a theme you can follow the instructions included with it to learn how to embed an iframe, you can easily add the desired iframes to your site.  

Embed Zen Planner into Facebook

You can also embed your Zen Planner schedule and other member website pages into your Facebook Page. To embed the pages, you need to add the Static Iframe Tab app to your Facebook page. Once it is installed, you can use Zen Planner's iFrame codes as a separate page that appears on your Facebook banner. Click here for instructions on installing Static IFrame to your Facebook Page.



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